The hardware setup of the web server where you host your Internet sites is rather important and can have an effect on their performance. As a website includes also databases, logs, a Control Panel to take care of the content, an e-mail service, etc, you need the right hardware that can support all of these processes. A unit with a high CPU speed indicates that your web applications will be executed much quicker, while additional physical memory will allow extra system processes to run concurrently, which means that the hardware will have direct impact on how your websites perform and if the server is not powerful enough, they will work slowly or will not function at all. In this light, you need to check not only what attributes a given web hosting plan includes, but also whether the hardware shall be suitable to support these features.

24-core servers, hardware in Cloud Hosting

The servers which we use for our cloud hosting plans are powerful enough to provide the ultimate performance of your websites and in case you are moving from some other company, you'll quickly feel the difference. Not only is our platform comprised of clusters of servers that manage every single part of the web hosting service (files, emails, databases, logs, etc.), but each cluster consists of powerful machines, each one with 24-core processors, 64 GB RAM and SSD drives. The hardware stands behind our service and performance warranties and no matter what applications you intend to run, you will never experience any decrease in the performance. The Internet hosting service utilizes the power of all the machines and since we can add servers to any cluster, we practically have an Internet hosting powerhouse with infinite resources. As your Internet sites will be hosted on this platform, the hardware will never be a limit for their growth.

24-core servers, hardware in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The semi-dedicated hosting accounts that we offer come with many different unlimited features for a reason - they are made on an advanced cloud internet hosting platform that contains a lot of powerful servers. 24-core processors, 64 GB RAM along with SSDs will provide the perfect hardware environment for your web applications and you'll never face a situation where the resources are not enough - something which happens frequently with many other hosting providers. All the hardware components are enterprise-level and are tested thoroughly before we use them to avoid any possible troubles in the future. Our cloud platform can be expanded by connecting additional servers to the cluster which needs them and considering the hardware each and every machine includes, you won't have to worry if your sites will perform well or not. As no account is ever generated on just one server, there's no scenario where a number of clients can use up all the available resources.

24-core servers, hardware in VPS

The virtual private servers which we provide are created on powerful physical servers, so you can entirely utilize the system resources that are provided with your solution. Each and every machine features a total of 24 CPU cores and 64 GB physical memory, which shall ensure the quick and stable operation of any app that you run on the VPS. If you choose to upgrade, you will not experience a situation where the free resources are not sufficient as when we install a new virtual server, we make sure that there will be room for every user on it to upgrade without having to affect the other users and / or the overall server efficiency. We also take advantage of solid-state drives which will quicken your sites even more, so in case you're moving from some other service provider, you'll see the difference in the service.

24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Hosting

If you decide to obtain a dedicated server from our firm, you will receive a machine with powerful hardware that will match your requirements regardless of the type of Internet sites you would like to run. We use meticulously tested components to make sure that you will not experience any hardware issues, however to be on the safe side, we have spares inside our US datacenter where our 24/7 technical support team can easily replace each component right away. With up to 12-core processors, 16 GB physical memory and gigabit network cards, you can actually get a hosting powerhouse for your web applications and never need to worry if they will function properly or not. Of course, if you don't need such a configuration, we offer less powerful servers to match your requirements and budget as well. You'll get the same high-quality hardware with each dedicated server solution.