The Hepsia hosting CP is a sophisticated tool, which will provide you with total control over your Internet sites, domains and payments with the help of an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface. It is an in-house built tool and we have implemented plenty of good ideas sent by our customers throughout the years, so as to make Hepsia as effortless to use as possible. It is an all-in-one platform with which you could manage renewal payments and invoices, domain registrations and records, files, databases, e-mails and stats. Hepsia is perfect both for individuals without any experience and for more proficient users, and each one of its sections includes in depth video lessons and help articles. Through quick-access buttons and right-click menus, you shall find a lot of additional functions, that shall make the management of your web presence even swifter and easier. As Hepsia was designed to run on its own servers, it will not take any resources from your own web server.

Hepsia CP with unlimited domains and no root access in VPS

If you decide to get a virtual private servers from our company, you shall be able to to pick Hepsia during the signup process. The CP works with each of the Operating Systems that you'll be able to pick from on the order page, so in the event that you wish to use some script app which requires a specific OS, you'll still be able to control your new VPS through a user-friendly interface. The advantage of having a Hepsia-equipped VPS is that you can make use of the resources of the hosting server even in the event that you don't have any practical knowledge, due to the fact that the same Control Panel is provided with our shared website hosting plans as well. You shall be able to host numerous domains and to manage them in a single place along with your plan renewals and everything associated with your web presence. The root access to a Hepsia-equipped VPS shall be limited, but you shall still be capable to manage your files and databases via a Secure Shell command line.

Hepsia CP with unlimited domains and no root access in Dedicated Hosting

You can use Hepsia with any one of the dedicated hosting packages which we offer, because the CP shall be on the list of available choices during the signup procedure together with cPanel and DirectAdmin. Although the root access to a Hepsia-equipped web server will be more restricted when compared to the access with the other 2 Control Panels, the benefit of having this type of server is the considerably easier management process. Hepsia is the same CP included with our shared Internet hosting packages, so it will permit you to manage your dedicated server just as effortlessly, while you'll be able to make use of the considerable amount of resources that your machine includes. The CP is a fantastic choice for users which need a powerful web hosting solution, but do not have much practical knowledge. A dedicated server with Hepsia will enable you to host an unlimited number of domain addresses and to manage each of them in one location along with your site content, digital communication and monthly plan renewals.